Difference Between Custom Wrestling Belts & Replica Belts

Difference Between Custom Wrestling Belts & Replica Belts

Wrestling belts have become a popular accessory in the world of professional wrestling. These belts are often used to symbolize sports championships and achievements and are prized possessions for many wrestlers and fans alike. Regarding wrestling belts, two main options are available: custom wrestling belts and replica belts. While these two types of belts may look similar, they have some important differences. This article will explore the differences between custom wrestling belts and replica belts.

What are Custom Wrestling Belts?

Custom wrestling championship belts are specially designed championship belts tailored to meet specific preferences and requirements of individuals, organizations, or events. Unlike standard replica belts, which replicate existing championship designs, custom wrestling belts are unique creations that can feature personalized logos, names, colors, and more. These belts are popular among wrestling enthusiasts, fantasy sports leagues, and promotional events, offering an excellent way to celebrate achievements and milestones.

The Making of Custom Wrestling Belts

Custom belts are built from scratch to meet your exact specifications. You work closely with a skilled craftsman to design every aspect of the belt, from the Artwork to the engraving. The result is a one-of-a-kind championship title.

Materials Used for Custom Wrestling Belts

Custom belts are engraved using only premium materials, including genuine leather, durable thick metal plating, and high-quality gold chrome on plates. This attention to detail ensures your belt withstands years of wear and tear. Craftsmanship is unmatched.

Engravings on a custom wrestling belt are deeper and more detailed than on a replica. Your name, credentials, images, and any other customization will pop against the metal backdrop. And the dazzling combination of your choice of gold, silver, or copper plating against leather is sure to impress.

Designing Custom Wrestling Belts

First, research classic belts from promotions like WWE, WCW, AEW, and ECW. This will help you decide if you want a vintage aesthetic or a modern style. Belt makers can customize existing designs with your details. Or you can create a completely original belt from scratch.

ARM Championship Belts offers premium custom belts for individuals, leagues, and brands. Our expert designers will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. We start by making a digital mockup of your belt ideas. You provide instructions and inspiration on things like rough sketches, colors, logos, and more. ARM’s designers will recreate your vision in digital format. The best part is unlimited revisions. The Design Process will take only 2-3 Days.

How Much Do Custom Wrestling Belts Cost?

The cost of a custom wrestling championship belt can vary quite a bit based on the materials, size, and level of customization. However, here are some general pricing guidelines.

  • Mid-range belts – $500-$1,000 These use thicker genuine leather, more detailed engraving on plates, and crystal accents. More customization like engraved nameplates.
  • Premium belts – $1,000-$2,000+ These use high-end materials like exotic leathers, 24k gold/silver plating, deep HD engraving, and extensive crystal crystallization. Fully customized with intricate detailing.

Factors like belt size, materials, and customization level greatly sway the price, so get quotes from multiple makers. Budget at least $1,000+ for a quality custom championship belt with personalized details. And remember – your custom wrestling belt symbolizes your triumph in the ring, so the investment is worth it!

What are Replica Wrestling Belts?

Replica wrestling belts are meticulously crafted replicas of championship belts seen in professional wrestling promotions such as WWE, AEW, and others. These belts are designed to look and feel like the real titles held by wrestling champions, making them a must-have for wrestling enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether displayed as memorabilia or used as part of cosplay and fan events, replica wrestling belts offer fans a tangible connection to professional wrestling.

Materials Used for Replica Wrestling Belts

The most common approach to replicas involves embossing and etching details into 4mm metals such as zinc alloy or brass. This allows the emblem and plates to retain the original belt look while cutting costs. But it also results in less pronounced detailing.

Genuine leather is often swapped out for budget-friendly materials like vinyl or fox leather. And ceremonial elements like crystals are minimized or left altogether. While replicas aim to capture the overall aesthetic, materials and craftsmanship lack.

For fans prioritizing budget or looking to honor their favorite wrestler’s title, a replica belt fits the bill. You can also customize the replica wrestling belts using high-quality material from Arm Championship belts.

How Much Do Replica Wrestling Belts Cost?

Replica wrestling belts are less expensive than custom wrestling belts, and The cost of replica wrestling belts can vary depending on the quality, size, and type of belt you are interested in. Generally, you can find replica wrestling belts ranging from around $100 to $500 or more.

Lower-end replica belts are usually made from cheaper materials. They may need to be more accurate in their details or design, while higher-end replicas can be made with more attention to detail and higher-quality materials that closely mimic the look and feel of the real thing.


Comparison Between Custom Wrestling Belts and Replica Belts

When comparing custom belts to replica belts, there are some key differences to consider. Custom wrestling championship belts are made to order and designed specifically for the individual wrestler or promotion. They are made from high-quality materials and are personalized to reflect the style and character of the wrestler or promotion. On the other hand, replica belts are mass-produced and designed to look like the original wrestling belts. They are made from less expensive materials and are not personalized.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between a custom wrestling belt and a replica belt depends on your needs and budget. A custom wrestling belt is a way to go if you are a professional wrestler or a promotion. It will help you stand out and reflect your unique style and character. If you are a fan looking for a souvenir, a replica belt may be a better choice, as it is less expensive and still looks like the original belt.

Pros and Cons of Custom Wrestling Belts


  • Personalized design
  • High-quality materials
  • Unique and stands out


  • Expensive
  • Takes time to create
  • Not accessible to everyone

Pros and Cons of Replica Wrestling Belts


  • Less expensive
  • Accessible to fans
  • It looks like the original belt


  • Made from less expensive materials
  • Not personalized
  • It may not be as durable as custom belts


In conclusion, custom wrestling belts and replica belts are two different types of wrestling belts with unique features and characteristics. Custom wrestling belts are personalized and made from high-quality materials, while replica belts are mass-produced and less expensive. The choice between the two depends on your needs and budget.

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