Who Owns the Biggest Wrestling Promotions?

In the World of Wrestling: Who Owns Wrestling?

Professional wrestling ownership often plays a crucial role in shaping the industry. From the powerhouse WWE to up-and-coming promotions like AEW, understanding who owns wrestling companies can provide insight into the direction of the sport. Let’s take a closer look at the ownership of some major wrestling promotions.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Owner: Vince McMahon

Overview: WWE, formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), is the largest and most well-known wrestling promotion globally. Founded by Vince McMahon’s father, Vince McMahon controlled the company in the 1980s and transformed it into a global entertainment powerhouse. WWE produces weekly television shows, pay-per-view events, and a wide range of merchandise.

Ownership Details: Vince McMahon is the majority owner of WWE, holding approximately 42% of the company’s Class A shares and 83% of voting power. The McMahon family, including Vince’s children Shane and Stephanie, also own significant portions of WWE stock.

Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA)

Owner: Anthem Sports & Entertainment

Overview: Impact Wrestling, formerly known as Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, is a well-known wrestling promotion that has undergone several changes in ownership and branding over the years. Impact Wrestling features a mix of established talent and rising stars, with a focus on innovative storytelling and exciting in-ring action.

Ownership Details: Anthem Sports & Entertainment acquired a majority interest in Impact Wrestling in 2017. Anthem is a Canadian media company that owns several sports and entertainment properties, including the Fight Network and AXS TV. These properties air Impact Wrestling programming.

AEW (All Elite Wrestling)

Owner: Tony Khan

Overview: AEW is a relatively new wrestling promotion that has quickly gained popularity for its focus on athletic competition and engaging storytelling. Founded in 2019, AEW has quickly become a major player in the wrestling world, attracting top talent and a dedicated fan base.

Ownership Details: Tony Khan, the son of billionaire businessman Shahid Khan, is the principal owner of AEW. Tony Khan has a background in sports analytics and is a lifelong wrestling fan, bringing a unique perspective to the promotion’s management.

NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)

Owner: Billy Corgan

Overview: The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is one of the oldest and most storied wrestling promotions in history, with a legacy dating back to the early 20th century. While the NWA is not as prominent as it once was, it still holds a special place in wrestling history. It continues to produce events and content.

Ownership Details: Billy Corgan, best known as the frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, purchased the NWA in 2017. Corgan has expressed a deep love for wrestling and a desire to restore the NWA to its former glory. He focuses on traditional wrestling values and storytelling.

NXT (WWE’s developmental brand)

Owner: WWE (Vince McMahon)

Overview: NXT is WWE’s developmental brand, where aspiring wrestlers train and hone their skills before moving up to the main roster. NXT has gained a strong following for its emphasis on in-ring competition and talent development.

Ownership Details: NXT is owned and operated by WWE under Vince McMahon’s leadership. While NXT operates as a separate brand from WWE’s main roster, it is ultimately under WWE’s corporate control.

In conclusion, ownership in wrestling plays a significant role in shaping promotions’ direction and success. From established giants like WWE to up-and-coming promotions like AEW, each company’s ownership influences its programming, talent decisions, and overall business strategy.

Future of Wrestling Ownership:

As digital media reshapes the entertainment landscape, wrestling ownership’s future is ripe for innovation. New players may enter the scene, and existing promotions will need to adapt to meet audiences’ changing demands.


Ownership is a key driver of innovation and success in professional wrestling. Whether it’s Vince McMahon’s visionary leadership or Tony Khan’s entrepreneurial spirit, ownership shapes narratives and characters that captivate audiences around the world. As wrestling evolves, ownership will remain central to its success.

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